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Friday, July 18, 2014

...absolutely delightful!

I just loved 'With This Ring'! Elektra Worthington is magnificent and unpredictable, a born rescuer and convinced that her role in life is to save her family and restore them to the grandeur they once knew.
How? By marrying for position and money. And she has her sights set on the very person.
No love for her! That's for her weird parents who seem to slope of for delightful bedroom type antics wherever and whenever they can, be it the family carriage or a convenient folly.
The thing is the whole group of those Worthingtons are just so intelligent, though Elektra seems to be the only one in touch with the reality of their situation. 

I enjoyed the youngest and most fiercely intelligent of the siblings, Atalanta. Her interactions with Arbogast aka 'Hastings' are both amusing and endearing. I look forward to hearing more about her.
Lord Aaron Arbogast, soon to be the Earl of Arbodean, has according to the news sheets, returned to London from the Bahamas, a wealthy man--looking for an English countess.
Scandal surrounds Arbogast's enforced exile, and a deeper mystery.
This news has set the cat amongst the pigeons in many households.
What develops from here is mayhem and deception leavened with a healthy dose of attraction and amusing happenings. 
The situations Elektra either designs or falls into just keep getting better, and more hilarious, with an underlying touch of sadness. The sparks ignite between Arbogast and Elektra but will she follow her heart or her head?
An amusing read with a beguilingly twisted plot.

A NetGalley ARC

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