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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The saga continues

The Sea of Time (Chronicles of the Kencyrath) by P.C. Hodgell 

I could hardly wait to read the latest episode in the Chronicles of the Kencyrath.
I have loved this series from the beginning, when I fell across the first novel of the  Godstalker Chronicles, Godstalk.  

I notice that the dedication in Hodgell's latest novel is in memory of Diana Wynne Jones, another of my favourite writers. I love seeing where my interests and an author's converge.
Once more in The Sea of Time, Jame, that is Jamethiel Priest's Bane--sister of Torisen Black Lord, is being tested as a senior cadet. Jame has been sent to the Southern Host at Kothifir. It is here her brother was captured and tortured. Once more the hazing continues. With cadets from senior years playing dangerous games. Journeys and wars are only part of the story. Deserts are crossed and under the earth pathways traversed. Time plays tricks and as always the gods are once more enmeshed.. As always, confusing the situation, as they play out their  godliness in strange ways. 
Jame learns more of her brother's life, his capture and torture, as do we in the shadow of the area he was captured. Past and present intertwine as the story breaks into our consciousness. Kings are under threat. The Changes are becoming more frequent. Anything can happen. The confrontation between the Kencyr's god, the Three-faced God and Perimal Darklings, with the Kencyr's being wielded as a weapon is real. Jame has many roles to play. Characters from previous novels are met.
As others have recommended, one should begin the series from the beginning to understand the now.

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