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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A great finish!

Shaman Rises (The Walker Papers #9) by C.E. Murphy

The sound of Gary's voice, a little shaky reaches out to Joanne Walker (Siobhan Grainne MacNamarra Walkingstick) across the miles from Seattle,
"It's Annie, Jo. It's my wife.  She's alive."
The last words of Book 8, Mountain Echoes, resound across time and space and you just know something huge is about to go down.    

And it does!
Armageddon in Seattle? One shudders.
Who would have imagined the twists the Walker papers would encounter, that the story would end where it all began, and the pathway that Joanne Walker and her friends would travel,  as we delved into the pages of that very first book.
A truly amazing journey, where gods, shamans, spirit animals and ordinary humans battle the darkness and destruction. Some surprising revelations, some heartfelt losses.
Joanne in her white leather hero coat, her wry sense of humour, the love of her life, her car Petite and the other love of her life, her man, the luscious stalwart Captain Morrison, along with other wonderful friends prepare for a final showdown with the Master.

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