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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Goddess Born by Kari Edgren 

A gifted healer, the blood of a Celtic goddess running through her veins enables Selah Kilbrid's talent. A talent that needs to be renewed by prayer and in secret. Persecution is a heartbeat away. 
Hopewell, Pennsylvania 1730 and Selah is being pursued by the Quaker minister, Nathan Crowley. His regard for her turns sour when she refuses his suite.  Despite knowing Selah is engaged to her cousin who's on his way from Ireland, Nathan threatens to expose her as a witch if she doesn't marry him. Her family, although Catholic had settled here in the New World to escape persecution of their kind in Ireland. Selah's mother and grandmother had the 'gift'. They had been accepted into the Quaker community, and attended meetings but had retained their own religion. Now Nathan was endangering that acceptance and Selah's life. Plotting to outwit him Selah flees to meet her fiance's ship. To her dismay she discovers that he perished on the voyage. In desperation she outbids bids a wealthy brick works' owner for an indentured servant, making a new enemy. Her plan is to wed the fellow, present him as her cousin and new husband, in name only. After a suitable time she'd free him, send him away and she would maintain her independence.
Just as there is more to Selah, we discover there is much more to Henry. Certainly the tempo picks up as he becomes more involved in Selah and her predicament.
With a fascinating story line, a determined and likeable main character, Goddess Born held my interest from woe to go. I read it in one sitting.

A NetGalley ARC

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