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Sunday, May 4, 2014

...the battle continues!

Sworn To Defiance: Courtlight #5 by Terah Edun   

What a bind mage Ciardus Weathervane finds herself in. Caught as she is between two men (in more ways than one), Prince Sebastian, heir to the throne whom she loves and Thanar, a daemoni Prince whom she is attracted to. Ciardus is trying to stop a god from wreaking destruction upon her world, is caught up in the machinations of an emperor who is not all he seems, is reviled by the nobility and is trying to save her mother. All this as she is still discovering her powers. Oh, and did I mention that she tends to speak before she thinks, particularly when under stress. Not always a good thing.
The Emperor, who is not the emperor but Sebastian's uncle abiding in his father's body, is whom Sebastian and Ciardus must elicit help from to take on the coming threat of the god, the blutgott.  A god determined to obliterate Algardis. At the same time they need to keep their knowledge of the Emperor's true self hidden in the hopes that they can find Sebastian's father.
Having been attacked by the Duchess of Carne and failed in their efforts to capture her, Sebastian and Ciardus now have to work out how to win over the nobles, the companions, the false Emperor and the army to their cause.  No small thing but Ciarus and Sebastian are giving it their best shot.
There is still the small problem of Ciardus's mother being imprisoned by the Emperor.
Thanar of course features front and centre, allied with Ciardus in more ways than one. But can Ciardus trust Thanar to be more than self serving? Can she keep Thanar and Sebastian from conflict with each other?
Along the way uneasy alliances are forged and new enemies made.
I am continually amazed at how Edun holds our interest from one book to the next. The action and interplay of new diverse challenges for Ciardus and her companions doesn't flag and subsequently my interest is maintained. 
Another excellent episode in Edun's  'Courtlight' opus!

I received a review copy from the author. 

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