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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

...talk about laugh!

Noble Intentions (Noble series) by Katie MacAlister 

I must admit to the odd chortle of laughter escaping my lips as I read this thoroughly delightful, charmingly disingenuous romp. Ok I was more than occasionally convulsing with laughter, tears streaming down my face at our heroine's actions and commentary. A commentary that sometimes, oops! was said out loud, to the startlement of all, including herself.

Nobel Britton, Lord Wessex, known as The Black Earl, (or as Gillian Leigh calls him, The Lord of Lusciousness) is stark raving mad if he thinks the woman whom he claims as his bride, this harem sacrum original, was going to calmly do his bidding.
I must admit Gillian's innocent comment about his broken man parts had me rolling in the aisle. Hilarious!
Warm impulsive Gillian takes to heart Noble, his son and all his endeavours. She sails through all adversity with nary a second glance, endearing herself to all, including Noble's mistresses.
A delightful escapade!

A NetGalley ARC

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