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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A grand finale!

Crown of Renewal (Legend of Paksenarrion) (Paladin's Legacy #5) by Elizabeth Moon      

As Elizabeth Moon says in her very coherent introduction this is not a story for the first entry reader into those works that began with Legend of Paksenarrion. And who, having read that great beginning, can forget the feisty true fighter that she was, her humble beginnings, her refining under fire, and the blessings of Gird that upheld, tested and shaped her. Crown of Renewal is the grand finale that draws the many threads together, weaving the various books into a whole, giving us insight into the how, why, when, and what of all that has gone before.
We meet old favourites and find new heroes. We are reminded of old situations as new happenings, familiar and known, are referenced. Paks's previous capture by Iynisin, the dark elves, is recalled by new attacks and resulting poisononous wounds inflicted by them. Then there's the opening horror of the fate of the Filis, a son of Count Andressat at the hands of Alured the Black. I for one, am again ensnared enough to reread the stories gone before (having read them all at least once, if not two or three times) to capture their essence, and distill this new gem. The convergence of the various plots  is wonderful. Answers to the questions about Dorian and the crown realia, the Mage lords, the Dragon, all the streams and various tributes merge together to reveal the full picture.
A longtime fan (there are many of us) and collector of Moon's works, this is the crowning piece to the Magnus opus collection, the Paladin Legacy, that Paksenarrion heralded.
I was touched by Moon's dedication, a tribute to another longtime fan.  
I dare to hope for side stories from time to time, snippets even of other characters and events met throughout the Paladin Legacy. 

A NetGalley ARC

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