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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Loving the series!

Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom (Renegade Royal) by Vanessa Kelly 

I must confess that I love all the titles so far produced in this series. The golden thread that links them all together is that in each one, an illegitimate son of one of the Royal Princes (Regency period), confronts the hardships of his birth, discovers true love and enters the ranks of society.
Of course for each son the way is strewn with brambles and thorns, if not shards of glass.
This episode is no less riveting with all the necessities for a sparkling and often tense read.
We have the Extremely Bad boy, Griffin Steele, with a tender heart and a rock hard exterior that keeps the world at bay. Owner of a brothel he's about to dispose of, Griffin's world is disrupted when a baby is left on the doorstep with a note asking him to protect the infant from grave danger. 
Justine Brightmore is the lovely heroine, who's badly put upon, selfless, and independent.
She is goddaughter to Sir Dominic Hunter who has offices in Whitehall and is highly placed in England's Intelligence Service. Dominic asks her to assist with the care of baby Stephen whilst the mystery surrounding him is investigated. Griffin is puzzled as to why Dominic would bring Justine into a situation fraught with perils not only to her reputation but her safety, if as he suspects, the mystery surrounding the baby is accurate.
Of course the meeting of the two, Justine and Griffin devolves into a fiery battle. A battle between the brothel lord and the bluestocking. A situation fraught with tension, attraction and amusement.
Through various surprising circumstance they end up in a marriage of convenience!
Dominic, who knew Griffin's mother, is not the only one to be surprised by events as they unravel. And really, given all his conniving ,it's about time Domonic's feathers were ruffled!

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