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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another extraordinary novel from Edun!

Blades Of Magic: Crown Service #1 by Terah Edun 

Once more a mesmerizing novel from the very talented Terah Edun. The moments of surprise, the twists and turns as the story of Sara Fairchild unfolds held my complete attention. 
Edun now gives us the back story to the Initiate Wars that 'divided Algardis society.'
Sara Fairchild is the daughter of a disgraced and executed Commander and Battle Mage of the empress's armies accused of desertion. Sara is herself a Battle Mage. Trained from her early years by her father, Sara's skills are formidable.  
To me this series holds is a touch of Tamora Pierce's writings with a waft of early Mercedes Lackey. As both are some of my all time favourite authors this is high accolade from me. 
I certainly revel in the creation of the characters and situations that Edun reveals to us. Particularly with the character of Sara, a stubborn, feisty and achingly lonely person whose emotional hardships would have crushed a lesser person. She's capable of great destruction and great loyalty. Her very real fear is turning from a Battle Mage into a berserker. (This downward spiral and inward battle that battle mages face, Sarah's need to find out how to conquer this nemesis, is an intriguing aspect etched into Sarah's character and into our hopes for her).
Her new friend Ezekiel is a seemingly bumbling curator who is helping her find out the truth surrounding her father's death and the reasons for his actions. There seems more to Ezekiel than we currently perceive. We are given hints and I wonder where these will take his character. As Sarah keeps reiterating, her father was the most honourable person she knew and his actions make no sense to her. Their journey to discover the truth leads them to join a mercenary company, onto the battlefield and into deception. 
An excellent beginning to the series! Hopefully the next in the series is not too faraway!

I received a review copy from the author. 

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