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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wolves reign again!

Silence of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #13) by Terry Spear 

This shapeshifting werewolf story with all the right ingredients, continues the saga of the inhabitants of Silver Town.
Warm, sleek,half coyote, half wolf-gal meets sexy handsome wolf-guy. There's an attempted kidnapping, unsolved murders and mysterious strangers hanging around the town.
Loner, Elizabeth Wildwood, turns up in grey wolf country ostensibly to do a story about skiing at a Colorado resort. She runs into Tom Silver, youngest brother of pack leader Darien. Sparks fly between them.      
Elizabeth has connections to the neighbouring Bruin's pack through her father, although she had never been part of it. She's in Silver Town to contact North Redding, a wolf from her past, part of Bruin's pack, who says he has information about her parents' murderers.  
As part of covering her story she heads up the ski slopes to take photos. Pausing on the edge of the trail to take random shots of the action, Elizabeth is injured by a stranger who comes out of nowhere and slams into her sending her down a steep incline. Was it deliberate or an accident?
The story flows from here with typical Spear flair. We catch up with old friends from unexpected places. Bjornolf Jorgenson and Anna turn up, and we make new friends. Outcasts come in from the cold, and unresolved relationships flourish.
We are left at the end of the novel with a few possible hints about the future. Newcomers are apparently coming to Silver Town to renovate the old hotel, and just who did Tom and Elizabeth run into at the butchers shop near Elizabeth's apartment who muttered 'Dogs' at them? 
Action packed with great tempo, Silence of the Wolf is a fun fast paced read!

A NetGalley ARC

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