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Monday, March 24, 2014

'Her Cinderella Moment'

Desperately Seeking Suzanna (Tricks of the Ton #2) by Elizabeth Michels

Sue Green is a complicated young woman. Artistic and intelligent, she is ignored because of her sisters' beauty, condemned by her harpy of a mother as unattractive and not worth worrying about. No wonder her rebellious streak rises from time to time.
Persuaded by her sisters to crash a masquerade ball, Sue becomes Suzanna for one reckless night of laughter and hanky panky in the library with a reknown rake, Lord Holden Ellis.
Holden has his own set of secrets.
That one night with Sue has him hankering to track down the mysterious cousin of the Fairly sisters.
And here's where it goes awry. Just as the prince never saw Cinderella amongst the cinders, so does Holden never truly see Sue amongst her sisters.
As awareness comes, other matters vie for his attention. I'm afraid Holden is quite dense and insulting to Sue in more ways than one. He does indeed break her heart.  
A regency romp with a difference, although tying your virginal beloved hands to the bedpost on the 'first' occasion seems a tad hasty.
I must admit that I want to smack some sense into Holden from time to time as he's really quite thick and self centred. But then again he has a list of wrongs done to him that sets him up for being how he is.
I do wish more could have been made of Sue's artistic abilities.
Side stories from other Tricks of the Ton novels intrude and our attention is drawn by hints or memories. I still wonder why Holden, when out for a morning ride, ends up racing against a young female person with an auburn braid who ride a astride in breeches--possibly related to Trevor Moore. Certainly Lilian and Mad Lord Thornton are present. We have hints about their story as well but all these whispers seem to crowd the story at tad. I loved Must Love Dukes and here I don't really recognize Lily and Lord Thornton as the characters I adored. They are preoccupied and acting out another story off screen.
In fact that's my problem there are fabulous moments and happenings throughout the novel but their linking doesn't flow for me. Still, I really enjoyed the character of Sue and I will continue to read the rest of the series.

A NetGalley ARC

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