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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

David...a masterful Lonely Lords addition!

David: Lord of Honor (Lonely Lords #9) by Grace Burrowes

The opening has us sympathizing with David over his having inherited an elegant, expensive brothel. As we are told this should be every young gentleman's unbridled fantasy. David Worthington, fourth Viscount Fairly, bemoans the fact. Owning a brothel brings a myriad of problems.
David's interest in Mrs Letticia Banks is due to her having been the mistress of his deceased brother-in-law, Lord Amery.
David needs a Madame, Letticia needs employment. Certainly this looks like a way forward for both of them.
Of course, nothing is that simple. As David and Letty are thrown together the attraction between them surfaces. And of course Letty's road to her current state has a sympathetic back story.
Oh and yes, 'feet' feature once more in this masterful Lonely Lords addition.  As David and Letty embark on a fuller relationship David reflects, 'he'd touched her feet before, and it seemed a safe--and biblically humble--place to start.' I love the imagery of this line. 
Douglas Allen, the Viscount of Amery becomes one of my  hero's in his discussion about women with David. No wonder he and David are friends. Two compassionate men, yet both so very different. I have enjoyed them both right from the first moment of meeting them.
His confidences to David about Letty reveal the thoughtful depths of the man. Douglas, adorable man, shocks David by suggesting that rather than bed Letty, he David, should marry her. Well that rather takes David aback!
I loved it when Douglas describes David as 'an odd duck...a saint by some standards, a lunatic by others.' This is such an apt comment about David.
Once more David's medical know come to the fore in relation to Douglas's wife Rose,  her pregnancy and the impending birth. We learn more about David's previous life and marriage.
What a wonderful person he is and Letty matches him.
The emotions, the sensitivity of David, the sympatico of Letty make for some singularly sweet love scenes, that hum with the very essence of tender love, desire, understanding and appreciation.
So why does Letticia want to leave him? Therein is the mystery! A mystery right to the end.
I do so love this family, all are as mismatched and charismatic as David's eyes, and I love that they rally in support of each other and stand shoulder to shoulder!

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