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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...a traitorous love!

What a Hero Dares (The Redgraves #4) by Kasey Michaels 

In this volume the search for the leader of the secret hellfire club continues. All our favourite Redgrave characters are here. The threat of a Bonaparte inspired invasion is still present. The family's investigation into its duplicitous, treasonous and debauched past continues. They continue the search for the journals, the records of the society's members and plans.   
Trixie and the faithful Richard Borders, now married, are once more entrenched in the action as is Kate.
Our interest is focused from the viewpoint of another member of the Redgrave cohort, soldier and spy Maximillien Redgrave. Devastated by the betrayal of his lover and companion Zoe Charbonneau, now recognized as a double agent Max has infiltrated a smuggling ring. En route to England Max is astounded to discover Zoe on his ship.
Questions intersect each other. Who was the traitor in France, who is the leader of the revived society, what is their connection?
This is Max and Zoe's story. I loved it when Richard said to Zoe, 'Together you must have been pure beauty to watch in action.' To me that sums up their relationship...pure beauty, a matched pair of panthers...sleek, dangerous and made for each other. They have much to work out. The sooner they do, the sooner the chase can be taken up, the society pursued and the traitor exposed. 
Another fascinating episode!  Make no mistake there's action, betrayal, bloodshed, and steamy romance in spades. All the members of the family are up to their usual tricks and none more so than Trixie Redgrave, the Dowager Countess. Another roller coaster ride!

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