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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

...the Tides continue to flow and fascinate!

Carousel Sun (Carousel Tides Series) by Sharon Lee

Welcome to Archers Beach, Maine. A small struggling tourist town with an amusement park featuring amongst other delights, an old fashioned wooden Carousel with a menagerie of fantasy animals that used to include a Batwing Horse. But that's another story.
Archers Beach is place where Silkies, Guardians, dryads, sea witches, supernatural beings that use jikinap (magic), and various otherworldly creatures can be found, if you know about them, if you can see them. A place where Mid Summer's Eve is an amazing celebration that is vigorous and true, for those in the know.
Kate Archer is a trenvay and temporary Guardian of the Land, whilst her grandmother the Guardian and a dryad, recovers from a daring rescue of her daughter Nessa, also Kate's mother, from another place, the Land of Flowers.
Six worlds of the cosmology are bound together. Our world is the most unpredictable.
Actually the Carousel is a prison, with a wild gate near it. The wooden animals are renegade Ozali, powerful magicians whose exploits have caught the attention of the Wise, the final arbitrators and dispensers of justice across the six worlds. Judgement by the Wise is never predictable, sensical or logical. The Ozali have been bound by the Wise, imprisoned as the wooden fantasy animals of the Carousel.          
Kate, had repudiated her bond with the land and is now working to strengthen it, taking on more responsibilities and training to control her jikinap, her magic, with her grandmother's elderly beau and magic worker, Mr. Ignat', in reality Fire Ozali Belignatious, from Land of Flowers. Jikinap is a 'metaphysical substance that can be sold, stolen, earned, given away or accepted as a gift. In a dual between Ozali...the winner absorbs the loser's power.' jikinap is greedy in its desire for more. It's a gift to be wary of, a gift that needs control.
Kate has not seem Borgan, also a trenvay and Guardian of the Gulf of Maine, whom she is mightily attracted to since he helped her dispose of an evil Ozali from the Land of Flowers.
Borgan disappeared into the sea to regain his strength but seems to Kate to have been gone too long.
Archers Beach is still being troubled by the drug smuggler, Joe Nemeier. Kate has had clashes with him before and these continue.
Brogan and Kate are opposites. Kate is Guardian of the land and Borgan, Guardian of the Sea around the Gulf. Still opposites attract. After all the line between sea and land diminishes ever so slowly. The ebb and flow is all around. Where does one end and one begin? Love has it's own dance.

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