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Monday, February 24, 2014

Recovering place--a shared vision!

Recovering Place: Reflections on Stone Hill (Religion, Culture, and Public Life) by Mark C. Taylor

Stunning photography supports page after page of snapshots of thought provoking reflections.
I was simultaneously arrested by the clarity and beauty of Taylor's photography and captivated by his soliloquies.
Taylor's thoughts about 'globalization' and 'localization', about 'space' and 'place' are a simple yet stunning revelation, a truth that modern man in the hustle and bustle has forgotten. And that Taylor has reconnected with 'place' in his journey at Stone Hill. We vicariously connect through the beauty and insights Taylor presents.
Taylor talks about working on a multiplicity of levels and of Hegel referencing disciplines as presenting the same truths in different ways. But Taylor goes beyond the static and leads us to the vividly alive window onto his world,  uncovering his recovering place. The place he shares with us through visual design and reflection. As Taylor says, 'As I became more deeply involved with art media and technology, I began to appreciate the importance of design for conveying insights'
Taylor further states that, 'art helps us envision the future that we might realize. The task of reflection is to apprehend what thought cannot comprehend in figures that only the imagination can trace.'
Certainly this handsome volume culminates as a rewardingly aesthetic approach to ideas enmeshed in design and gives the reader the opportunity to soar in thought aided by reflective imagination.
A sincere and thoughtful work, an artistic presentation to delight in, and a gift to treasure!

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