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Monday, February 24, 2014

Excellent! Vivacious debutante meets decided rake!

The Trouble with Honor  by Julia London 

Honor, Honor, Honor! What are you up to?
It all began with a game of cards!
Then there was the bonnet affair. This certainly blew the lid off  the childhood angst between Honor  Cabot and her step brother's fiancé, Monica Hargrove.
Then there was George Easton himself, illegitimate son of a Duke and nephew of a Prince.
As Honor was won't to say She was a swashbuckler at heart, as was George.
So when these two meet, the odds against conformity escalate. Indeed, that first meeting is most memorable!   
And now Honor's mother is showing signs of slipping into madness and Monica is encouraging the idea of Honor and her sisters into marriages or seclusion. After all, does Monica really want her life cluttered up with all these women. Or at least that's what Monica's mother intimates.
Just what is Honor to do?
Why, a mad start of an idea of course! and after all, George Easton does owe her. And this idea will aim a blow at Monica's pretensions!
I smiled at Honor's audacity and on at least one occasion I cried at her courage.
Honor, Honor, Honor! What shall become of you?
A somewhat different and very enjoyable!

A NetGalley ARC

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