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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breathtaking surprises and glittering action!

Sworn To Secrecy: Courtlight #4 by Terah Edun

Wow! From the first to last page, a suberbly crafted action packed read!
Hardly an auspicious family reunion. Ciardis Weathervane no sooner finds her mother and brother than all are threatened. Inga the frost giantess and Kane are attacked at the Imperial ball, Ciardis is simultaneously threatened by both the Emperor and the shadow council. The Emperor  places Lillian Weathervane under house arrest and blackmails Ciardis with her mother's life into seeking the truth about the Ameles Forest and the Princess Heir. Dragons fight in the skies, and this is just the beginning. Twists and turns deepen, old enemies and old friends resurface, new enemies and new friends emerge as secrets are revealed in the desperate race to stop the Blutgott.
Prince Sebastian and Daemoni Thanar join forces, well for a time, at Ciardis behest and all move forward.   
Tension is high, action is key, Edun's writing doesn't faulter, it's tight and piercing, like the magic of the Cold Ones that Ciardis wields. Bravo!
I do like the sparkling dry humour that weaves it's way in and out of the storyline, whether it's Ciardis commenting upon her own actions or a moment in response to others. This humour is an island of light, a respite from the determined focus of action that spirals ever onwards, faster than you can draw breath.

A NetGalley ARC

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