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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wow! Never a dull moment with Ciardis Weathervane!

Sworn To Conflict (Courtlight #3) by Terah Edun

The unsuspected continues to startle not only me but Ciardis herself, and all those who come into contact with her. But we're all up for the adventure of it. I have to say I just love the person that Ciardis is--loyal to a fault, compassionate, innocent in her reactions and honourable.
Last seen Ciardis had confronted the Shadow Mage and then somehow been teleported or transported. Where? Smack bang in the middle of a battle far to the frozen north is where! Forced into a healing sleep for two weeks Ciardis awakes and finds herself with her once prospective sponsor General Barnaren, Prince Sebastian, the Lady Serena her original feather brained sponsor, and others who have chased her here. The battle is masking a greater and more dangerous secret!
After a meeting with the Old Ones, the elementals of the Northern lands, and being gifted with a infinitesimal portion of their power, Ciardis is swept away once more to the Sanctuary.
During her time in the Northern lands Ciardis connects with lost family members, the Frost Giant Inga, her guard Kane, the Daemoni Thanar, the Lady Vane and a host of new and compelling characters.
Is Ciardis impulsive and rash as she's been accused of more than once? Does she respond from some hapless intuition, or is it a combination of intuitive understanding on some deeper level combining with her Weathervane gift, that produces these seemingly random responses? Responses that often turn out to be saner than everyone else surmises, including Ciardis. The interesting thing is how much loyalty Ciardis tends to inspire. 
Another wild ride with Ciardis! The improbable is anything but! Hang on to your proverbial hats and enjoy!
Now, I'm hanging out for the next episode, Sworn to Secrecy.

p..s the price is great for such an excellent read?

A NetGalley ARC

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