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Monday, December 30, 2013

Short but sweet!

The Earl's Christmas Colt (Entangled Flirts) by Rebecca Thomas

Quite a lovely story about duty, love and marriage.
Out of the blue, Lady Arabella Sutton is informed by her brother Will that she will have no second London season. She is to be married within a few days to Will's friend and future duke, Oliver Westwyck, the Earl of Marsdale.
Arabella is never happier than being with her horses. Marriage is not part of that equation. In shock she flings herself onto her horse and rides off, despite a looming storm.
Forced to take shelter at a local inn when her horse turns up lame, Arabella runs into a handsome, gentlemanly horse breeder at the inn's stables. Mr. Carrington undertakes to assist her with securing a room.
Whilst he is about that Arabella overhears two serving maids discussing the guests. Apparently an Earl, Oliver Westwyck is staying here. Her erstwhile fiancé!
Frantic lest her reputation suffer if he discovers her alone at an inn, a panicked Arabella convinces the inn's groom to give her a horse. Despite the encroaching darkness she flees back to the family estate, determined to take shelter in a nearby estate cottage for the night.
Mr. Carrington, fearful for her safety, follows her.
Arabella is torn between her duty to her brother, her reluctance to marry an unknown suitor, and now a perplexing attractive horse breeder.
A short, nicely written, regency romance and I do like the cover.

A NetGalley ARC

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