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Friday, November 8, 2013

Another Liaden treat!

Trade Secret (Liaden Universe #17) by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Mmm, here's the difficulty about reading a Liaden Universe I
immediately want to reread those that have come before, thosethat come after, those that follow other characters, and those that are just there in tandem. I settled for rereading Balance of Trade, but I've since found myself once more up to my elbows in all things Liaden, and enjoying every moment.   Having been a longtime fan of the Liaden Universe it's absolutely fantastic when another piece of the puzzle is revealed, opening up new vistas, sometimes solving old mysteries and ever, ever delightful.
I first met Jethri Gobelyn in 'Balance of Trade'. Jethri, a Terran trader was adopted by the Liaden clan Ixin, having solved an issue that had impinged the clan's honour. Balance and Necessity, two Liaden concepts, part of Liaden melant'i (code of behaviour and order of things) came into play. At that time Jethri was looking for another ship to work on. In that interaction Jethri, 'found his ship,' 
'On the clan ship Elthoria, he [is] Jethri the trader, son of the trader ven'Deelin, the family name, Ixin the clan.' 
Sent by his adopted mother Norn ven'Deelin to a trade meeting,  Jethri is also trying to recover artifacts inherited from his father, Arin Gobelyn, that he'd lent to the Scouts and that had not been returned. Touching as they do upon old technology, more than one party appears interested. Scout Ter'Astin, his melant'i having been touched by this Scout inaction, is helping Jethri to reclaim his belongings, his birthright. What is Jethri's birthright? The mysteries surrounding his father are matters that occupy Jethri's thoughts. Why his mother seems unable to bear the sight of him is another question. On the journey, Jethri sits as second pilot with ter'Astin, learns a new skill, increases his trading reputation, runs into old friends and makes new enemies. Jethri finds out more about his father, and the larger vision his father had for 'loop' traders. He meets his Uncle. Uncle is another mysterious character who weaves in and out of many Liaden adventures. Intrigue, mishap and adventure dog Jethri's steps. Through it all Jethri's melant'i increases. Balance is brought into being.
To share in the developing life of Jethri Gobelyn is to delight in the person he has become. 
A welcome opportunity for renewal with old acquaintances entering into new horizons.

A NetGalley ARC

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