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Monday, October 14, 2013

The gift of prayer!

A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner's Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads by Kristen E. Vincent 

A few months back I became more interested in using beads as a meditative prayer tool. Over the years the idea of prayer beads has drifted in and out of my consciousness. I had investigated several sites, mainly looking at various Tibetan (Mala) Prayer bead sites. At that time I also became aware of Anglican prayer beads. But as so often happens, Interruptions came and went, and I drifted off to other things. 
And here is the relevance. Oh how I love the mystery of synchronicity!  
I came across Kristen Vincent's book as an ARC. For me this is a timely intervention. 
Prayer Beads have come into my life again. 
The opening quote by Robert Benson resonated,'We need some ... Sacred things that are as mysterious as the Mystery itself!'
Kristen's book opens up a an exciting, proactive way to approach prayer and meditation using our own 'sacred things', literally 'touchstones' assisting us on our spiritual journey.
The concreteness of the beads focus us in the now of the prayer cycle, adding a further dimension to the prayerful experience.
Instructions are given to make your own bead set. The suggestion to include beads that might have some significance, I love. I think I will include my grandmother's crucifix. I like the idea of a generational chain of continuity.
The book has instructions about making a set of prayer beads and the significance of bead placement. Following is a four week guide to using the prayer beads.
The Appendix is valuable and has links to various resources and I must admit I spent many minutes lost in the exploration of the various sites.
Thoughtfully composed this is an exciting beginning to a different journey for those feeling called to undertake it. Kristen's book is surely a gift.

A NetGalley ARC

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