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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nutritious, simplified and delicious!

Mighty Spice Express Cookbook: Fast, Fresh, and Full-on Flavors from Street Foods to the Spectacular by John Gregory Smith

'Spice Express' metamorphosed into something of a trip down memory lane for me. Add to that the quick cooking times and this cookery book is a must for life in the fast lane--as the business of today so often is.
Korean crab and scallion pancakes, (quick, easy and tasty) reminded me of buying food from street vendors in Seoul.
Dosa Rosti (anything with hot lime pickles is a bonus!)
Lahmacun Turkish Pizza took me back to lazy days spent visiting Istanbul.
The lime and ginger dressing (two of my fav combos) with smoked salmon opens up a whole new way to experiment and impress. I can also see this as an appetizer without the scrambled eggs and bagels.
Moroccan paper bag sardines. We lurve sardines and I'm always looking for a different way to cook them...and swoon at the  cardamom and orange French toast. What a winner!
...then there's Villa Dinari--apricot and orange yogurt!
I started my love affair with Vietnamese noodle soups in the 70's and it's still a fav. When I hit my home town I always gather friends and head to where Bun Cha is normal fare for a relaxed catchup and a yummy lunch. So this recipe is a bonus.
I have just touched the surface of the treasures here. There's so much more to be found in this book that's blends wonderful ingredients, allowing you to compose dishes in minutes, and give you great food experiences.
The layout of the book is very pleasing to the eye. I do like the little photographic spice lists at the bottom of the page for each recipe. Very nicely done.
The photos with their intense colour make the dishes 'pop' adding to the overall attraction of the book.
A winner!

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