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Friday, October 4, 2013

'Marry in haste repent at leisure'

Bad Miss Bennett: A Novel (Pride and Prejudice) by Jean Burnett 

Thus Lydia describes the adage that fits her three years of marriage with Wickam after he perishes at Waterloo.
I really found it difficult to read this novel. Not because of anything the writer did, but because of my cherished vision of Austen novels. How can I blame an author for my disillusionment?
I felt that the novel certainly confirmed my opinion about the thin social veneer that Lydia Wickham entertains as a member of polite society and exposes even more the hedonistic romp that she is. Lydia has no trouble falling from one outré situation into another.
I felt that the novel diminished my idea of Elizabeth and that Darcy appeared as an elderly bigot, which upon reflection he might grow into but I'd rather hoped that Elizabeth would be a softening influence.
So I will give the book 3 stars even though I personally did not enjoy it. 
3 stars because It is my problem that I found the treatment of the subject matter not to my liking. This is the problem when one's long loved literary denizons are exposed by new voices. It took me a long time to finish.
Fans of this genre will enjoy it more than I.

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