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Sunday, October 6, 2013

'he'd been bested by a she-wolf and one flowery suitcase'

Howl for a Highlander (Heart of the Wolf #10) by Terry Spear

'he'd been bested by a she-wolf and one flowery suitcase'

Another werewolf novel dealing with the highlander branch of wolves met in Heart of the Highland Wolf. Journeying to the Cayman Islands when tracking the family's stolen money, Duncan McNeil meets up with Shelley, a female from an unaligned family. Of course the sparks fly, furniture breaks, tussles ensue and the attraction is strong. After all dominance and Royals goes hand in hand.
And Shelley does need rescuing by this Highland warrior. Although she is the independent type. Shelley is a Botany Professor. Her deeper research is focused towards finding a plant that might help non royal werewolves fight the change or to be able to shift when they need to.  
Sadly, taking the warrior wolf out of the Highlands just didn't work for me. Yes, the storyline is good, and yes I liked the main characters and the twist is interesting. I just prefer my highlander wolf 'in situ',striding out across those rugged mountains, fording raging streams etc. etc. I just wasn't as captivated as I have been by the rest of the series.

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