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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Delightful...the brooding Gabriel revealed!

Gabriel: Lord of Regrets (Lonely Lords#5) by Grace Burrowes

I was at sixes and sevens about this instalment of Lonely Lords. Whilst I enjoyed it I felt I did not actually love it as much as I wanted to. I couldn't put a finger on what it is that made it enjoyable rather than an mmm! thoroughly delectable experience.
Perhaps I expected more of the brooding Gabriel North. Perhaps I expected too much. Certainly he is warm and considerate of Polonaise on many levels. His internal reflections show his care and depth of feeling.
Perhaps it was the dithering and hiatus of Polonaise in her refusal to marry the delectable Gabriel that wore me down. 
Allemande was ever fantastic with her child's clarity of insight and her focuses on all things to do with pigs and Gabriel. Her insights about various people's reactions and her feelings are hidden in her comments upon the animals. Indeed these moments were highlights.
The side story of Aaron and Marjorie were captivating. Kettering the lawyer has now become my newest 'interesting' character, as has Tremaine.
The descriptions of Polonaise sketching  and creations capture beautifully the depth of talent our heroine has. So perhaps I can excuse her her hesitations on the grounds that her creative talent will always intrude upon her reality.
As I reworked my musings and struggled to say what I thought I realized that this story truly does have an immense amount of interest and twisty episodes. I was  completely captivated! I amend my earlier comments. Reading Gabriel is very much a delightful experience!

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