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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Love released!

Ah! The tangled webs woven by others and left for our various proponents to unravel.
I may have been disappointed in the first offering in this series, but I absolutely enjoyed this next offering. I smiled through the entire reading.
Hester comes alive as never before and Tiberious (Tye) is a quixotic joy of a man torn between duty and love.

Fiona is the beguiling scrap of innocence that lines are drawn around with her Scottish family trying to protect her and her English Marquis grandfather trying to take her for his own reasons. Tiberious his son is charged with her delivery. Thus the meeting of Hester and Tiberious. There are wonderful asides and moments throughout this novel that take it from merely pleasant to greatly enjoyable.
And I have to say I love the description of the wool sock in all it's abandonment. It gets to me every time and if you want to know more then you'll have to read this latest Burrowes creation.
By the way, Aunt Ariadne is a joy!

A NetGalley ARC

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