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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A welcome addition to improving marital relationships

Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making? by  Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery

I was intrigued by this title. Indeed tackling this topic seems long overdue.   The last book I remember reading on this was The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan that encouraged things like the famous scene of greeting your husband at the door in Saran Wrap (plastic food wrap). I was hoping for something less banal and more respecting of partnering in marriage. Passion Pursuit is a far cry from such earlier books.  I was actually looking for the Christian answer to 50 Shades of Grey. Passion Pursuit is not this. It is something more. A chance for Christian women to ponder passion and sexual intimacy in their marriage. Passion Pursuit opens the door for exploring the gift God has given us.    
As the authors say, 'Sexual intimacy is a delicate and discreet subject that must be approached with candour yet sensitivity.' I feel 'intimacy' is a key word. The authors are encouraging a search beyond sexual actions, beyond the 'saran wrap' to sexual intimacy and all that those two words together imply.
One thing I really appreciated before the book began was the word of caution,  
'Passion Pursuit is not for every woman. The principles we will be exploring throughout this study apply to relatively healthy marriages...you may need additional support...' And a website is given for additional resources.
This signalled the sense of responsibility and the integrity that proved to be throughout the book.
The authors invite you to partake in a ten week thoughtful and prayerful pursuit and study of intimacy and passion. A journey well worth it.

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