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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wow! An excellent read!

45 Pounds (More or Less) by Kelly Barson

So what do you do about a mother whose half your size and is always wanting to mother and daughter Weight Watchers with you?
From the opening scene of Ann being besieged by her mother to buy an orange polka dot bikini as a weight loss 'incentive' I was hooked. 
The further into this excellent YA novel the more  I was drawn into the dislocatedness of Ann's life-- her overweight life, her friendships and her negative self image.
The image of Ann trying to fit into a dress in the trendy shop is at once heartfelt and heart rendering with an overlay of humour.
The sad, sad episodes of trying to fit in, to be accepted. Battling the demon of seemingly  overweightedness  are telling. And of course the family life issues surrounding all of this.   
One of the most poignant moments is when Ann hears her little sister Libby telling her dolls that they couldn't have cakes as they would get fat.  Modelling disorders and food issues it seems is passing on down through the family.
 Dealing with the sensitive issue of being over weight, the despair and embarrassment of being unable to fit into friendship groups, into those funky, trendy clothes, of being on the outer circle, of feeling worthless--this novel tackles the issues raised with insightfulness, humour and hope. School libraries should definitely stock this!

A NetGalley ARC

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