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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just as good third or fourth time around!

Jaran (The Novels of the Jaran #1) by Kate Elliot

Ok! I have this and the rest of the Jaran series packed away in storage from the early 90's when I first discovered Kate Elliot. A longtime fan and interested (from the 70's) in reading as much as  possible by female sci fi and fantasy writers, the chance to reread Jaran, to revisit a favourite, was just to good to be true.
Once again I really enjoyed Jaran. I love the characters of Terese Soerensen and Ilyakoria Bahktiian.
In many ways it is a young woman's search for her true self, after a painful relationship, that only increases her feelings of insecurity. Her search undertaken amongst compassionate strangers. 
Despite her position in society as the heir to her brother's dukedom, Tess a is a young woman plagued with self doubts which hide her true courage and determination. A courage and singlemindedness that flourishes within this challenging culture, so different to her own.     
A story of far flung empires, of alien domination, of resistance and intrigue, of finding love and meaning and an understanding of community and belonging, against all odds, in unexpected places. The story still zings even after so many years!

A NetGalley ARC

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