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Saturday, July 6, 2013

...from the frying pan into the proverbial fire!

So I received Forsaken By Others as a NetGalley ARC. As the first four novels (The Jess Haines Bundle) were available for a reasonable price I decided to purchase them to read first. By the way, just gotta love those covers!
I am glad I did. Read the bundle first that is. If I hadn't, I would have definitely purchased them later to catch up with the back story.
Vampires are part of the groups called Others in this post world 9/11 world.
Rules of behaviour for turning humans are strict. When they get broken all suffer
Shiarra Waynest is a PI turned vampire hunter, well turned hunter of those who would enslave others.
White hats are those who hate and hunt mages, vampires who sparkle, were beings, elves etc.There is seemingly no end of descriptive types of Others
The Were's included Shia's boyfriend Chaz but that's in an the earlier episodes.
Caught in an ancient battle between two master vampires, Max Carlyle and Alec Royce Shia is in danger of loosing her humanity. She is infected with lycanthropy and we live with her through her fears of being turned into an Other. Shia's distress over the possible loss of her humanity and the attitudes of her various family members are heartfelt and thought provoking analogies to other dilemmas of our human communities.
Something is definitely going on in Shia's body, but what we don't know what.
Oh, and did I mention the Magic Belt that gives her super fighting powers?

As Shia's story progresses in this 5th book Shia and Sara Hollaway (her partner and girlfriend of the mage, Arnold) are sent to by Royce to LA for safety--into the arms of a couple of crazy vampire masters, zombies, and, Oh Yes, let's not forget the necromancer magi. Known White Hats are in evidence and that has other complications. Plots within plots emerge and trouble is constantly on the horizon as all jostle for supremacy. 
As Shia so succinctly put it they, 'were in the middle of what was about to become a war zone with nowhere to hide and no way to escape.'
A 'must read' series of books and I am certainly staying tuned for the next episode.

A NetGalley ARC

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