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Sunday, June 9, 2013

...those managing regency females!

A Scandalous Plan (Classic Regency Romances) by Donna Lea Simpson

Those managing females certainly abound in Regency novels. Were they so prolific back then? Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer have a lot to answer for.
Now we have Lady Theresa Barclay, daughter of the Earl of Leighton. From the get go she is on the move, solving everyone's problems from the bullying biddies to the newcomer, the gentleman Mr. James Martindale, who has just moved his family to the bosom of her village. So of course Lady Theresa is going to manage his family as well. After all she does complain in the opening pages of how dissatisfied she's feeling after the rush of London. You and I might say that she is bored!
In taking up the challenge to have the Martindale family accepted by the villagers , Lady Theresa might have gone a little too far, but after all, the means justify the ends, don't they? ...and if her heart breaks along the way, well it's all in a good cause, isn't it?
An hour or so pleasant reading.

A NetGalley ARC

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