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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

'...we're Fangborn...Vampires...who clean blood and heal.'

Seven Kinds of Hell (A Fangborn Novel) by Dana Cameron

Zoe was cataloguing a collector's box of objects for the museum she worked for when she was called to her mother's hospital bedside. Who knew that absent mindedly pocketing the cheap tourist pottery figurine from the box would bring more than the museum authorities down upon her head. 
Having been on the run from with her mother from her father's family her mother's death gives Zoe more questions than answers. Old loves and valued friends are in turn endangered and dangerous.
Zoe does discover that she is not going mad but part of a select group of beings called the Fangborn.

Against her inclinations, driven by fear for those she loves, confused by what is happening around her, Zoe is drawn into a maelstrom of action and emotion, of violence and kidnapping. Pandora's box is truly opened.
As an aside, I found the archaeological detailing quite interesting and a great platform for Zoe's story.

A NetGalley ARC

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