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Saturday, May 18, 2013

...reluctant rescuee!

A Rogue's Rescue by Donna Lea Simpson
With the opening paragraph I felt I was watching a David Attenborough documentary. I swear I heard Attenborough 's dulcet tones coming through as a voice over marking the rituals of the ton in full swing, to wit,                    
 'Ingram stalked the crowded ballroom, his presence at the edge making the others nervous, like prey at a water hole that raise their heads and sniff the air to catch the scent of the black panther, rustling through the underbrush.'
Enter Viscount Ingram, a man careless of society. Present is Ariadne Lambert, a wealthy and somewhat irregular spinster. Plots and counter plots are hatched to expose a scoundrel lurking within the bosom of the ton. Ariadne has taken up the challenge to reveal this out and out bounder. Unknowingly Ingram keeps trying to save her from her folly. An amusing shorter novel just right for a leisurely read.

A NetGalley ARC

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