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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...nordic noir at its best!

Nights of Awe by Harri Nykanen

I am continuing my love affair with mystery writers of the far north. I have to say  I thoroughly enjoy the Scandinavian or Nordic Noir mystery genre! The dark side is always just under the surface. A frisson that burns through and creates that indefinable tempo that one comes to recognize and appreciate--demand even. From the personification of  Mankell's Wallender, to Stieg Larsson's  Blomkvist and Salander,  James Thompson's Karri Varra and now, for me, Harri Nykanen 's Kafla.
I loved this story of detective Ari Kafla struggling with a murder investigation that flows from train deaths to drug hits, with a touch of terrorism and Mossad as a side dish.

Jewish detective Ari Kafla finds tentacles stretching back into his family, into his synagogue relations, even ambassadorial connections, all confronting him with choices of family and  faith, his loyalty to all and duty as a detective.
Kafla's inner struggles strengthen the story. An excellent read.

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