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Friday, May 24, 2013

'A young woman concealing a pistol a loaded pistol about her person. 'Whatever is the world coming to, I wonder!'

...thus exclaims Lord Gordon in The Battling Bluestocking by Amanda Scott, to his sister-in-law Jessica, after she foils a highway robbery attempt.
A lady spinster too quick to lose her temper with a certain inflexibility in thinking.  She is always right!  When Jessica Sutton-Drew meets the handsome and wealthy  magistrate Sir Brian Gregory this becomes evident.              
Her shooting of a highwayman is a key turning point. This nexus opens up the many twists and turns to come in both Jessica's relationships and perceptions, and in the actions of others. These subplots strengthen the storyline.
Because of Jessica's Aunt Susan's interest in social issues we are treated to a range of conditions and laws of the time from  mining to slavery. 
I must say that the emotions stirred  by Sir Brian's distancing himself from Jessica were palpable. I was quite cross with him!
All in all, we are treated to an appealing story that reveals a wealth of fascinating information about the intricacies of the laws and politics of Regency times. All of which appear well researched. 

A NetGalley ARC

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