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Sunday, March 31, 2013

finding your own story!

The Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman


‘Year of the Fire Horse’ persons demonstrate the worst features of horses—their temper, stubbornness and selfishness. Jade moon is born under the sign of the Fire Horse. Her personality apparently aligns with her zodiac sign. Jade Moon’s story is told in a strong voice chronicling the arrival of a Chinese young woman’s journey and life to San Francisco in the early 1920’s.
Conditions at Angel Island, San Francisco’s Chinatown, the influence of the tongs, prostitution and slavery, and gambling are part of this engrossing story.
The fight that ordinary people faced in the extraordinary situation of being an immigrant, particularly Chinese, in the 1920's is insightful.
This is a novel of hope for a girl who was a challenge to herself, and to those around her, and how the astrological aspects that she was burdened with became her greatest virtues.
‘I hope you will find your own story’ Nushi says to Jade Moon as she leaves her village in China.
The story brings with it an underlying commentary on the historically place of women within the Chinese family, historical US Immigration policies and the treatment of aliens and social attitudes towards those who are different.
An excellent read.

A NetGalley ARC

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