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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blast it, men rode astride all the time.

Surprising Lord Jack by Sally MacKenzie

Excellent! Here’s a further treat for those of us who are Regency Romance aficionados. ‘Surprising Lord Jack,’ is from Sally MacKenzie’s ‘Duchess of Love’ trilogy. Once again Venus, the Duchess of Greycliffe, attempts her matchmaking skills out on her sons. This time the chosen one, or rather, hounded progeny is Lord Jack Valentine, her third son.
A racy, endearing novel with rather more twists in the story line than I’d expected.
Jack, our rattled rake, is not all he appears on the surface.                  
Frances Hadley, our feisty heroine falls from one scrape into another.
The opening scene of the book with Francis’ internal dialogue is a delight, which includes her, ‘Blast it, men rode astride all the time’, complaint.
Disguised as a stripling, she flees an unpleasant situation brought about by her aunt.
Lord Jack is fleeing a determined debutante, one of many, compliments of hi mother, the Duchess.
Their destinies collide at a local inn.
And then there is the mongrel dog who called to mind Ulysses in ‘Arabella’ by Georgette Heyer.
Shakespeare doesn't develop in quite the same humorous way but he is amusing and he too plays his part!
I do so like the character of the Duke of Greycliffe, Jack’s father, and his understated ability to take control of a situation if he wants to.
Entertaining, although a tad predictable, it’s well worth the hour or so it takes to read. And you will smile!

A Netgalley ARC

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