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Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Scintillating Read!

Lady Eve's Indiscretion (Windham Sisters) by Grace Burrowes

The stellar series by Grace Burrowes, recounting the titillating stories of the Daughters of the Windhaven clan, continues with this latest addition; that of Lady Eve, the youngest daughter of the Moreland household.
Along the way we revisit our fav's--Lady Louisa, Joseph Kesmore, the Duchess and Duke and various other offspring and their loved ones. Catching up on recent developments adds depth and continuity and fond memories.
I actually reread some of the earlier novels in the series to relive the charm.
I fell in love with Lucas Dennning, the new Marquis of Deene and with the Lady Eve. His care and his love, her suffering and bravery focus the romance admirably.
Of course we have the obligatory cads, the various dependable gentlemen, and the multitude of scheming ladies in the guise of fond sisters and wise mothers.

A Burrowes’ treat!

A Netgalley ARC