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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Red Knight by Miles Cameron (The Traitor Son Cycle #1)

Wow! …move over Erikson…there’s a new singer in Fantasy land!!

Violence and magic lurk just beneath the veneer of this medieval type world, The Red Knight.
The Wild is closing, strange creatures are abroad and protective garrisons are undermanned.
By the fourth page the Red Knight and his mercenaries pass through a farm littered by its dead, including a nun. The steading is a supporter of the fortress nunnery Lissen Carak.
The Red knight surveys the carnage and asks the question.
'How did the Wild make it here?
...Past the wall was the wild, many leagues beyond the mountains.'    
'Some fool must have asked them in,' was the reply.

Thus the reader falls into the mayhem and magic from the beginning, displayed through the violent carnage, as witnessed by the half consumed body and 'a single clear footprint...the size of a warhorse's hoof or bigger, with three toes.'
The story has barely begun...and much more is to come.
Magus, knights, kings, queens, practitioners of the arcane arts, traitors, creatures of the Wild, ordinary men, and extraordinary powers are caught within the pincers of opposing forces. This is a tour de force, a complex saga, where the story bursts from its pages into life and legend fantastic.

A NetGalley ARC

Witch bane...the Wild and War! Let the story continue!

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