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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

…paranormal play in Perth!

This intriguing offering from Australian Peta Crake, grabbed me from start to finish. I just had to keep reading.

I loved the main character, Ophelia (Phi to her friends). Feisty and energetic (I’m sure she wears blunnies on the job!), yet often emotionally weary, you feel her sadness in the face of huge odds, and you her admire for her pluckiness and integrity.

The interaction of the pantheon of Greek gods, from the Furies to Pandora and more, with mortals in the modern setting of Perth, Australia is provocative.

Putting Zeus and Hera as Phi’s uncle and aunt with the various gods as probable relatives is masterful.

Phi is just your average Aussie girl—NOT! Her day job is messenger for the gods. At night she hangs out in a bar in Perth. But now there's a new bar owner, (demigod Adonis-Aden for short) and Phi doesn't mess with the gods. But when Aden sends her on a series of exhausting non stop deliveries things go from bad to worse and the stakes are upped. For some reason Phi’s job has just became dangerous.
She has always been safe in this role…until now!
Who is Pravus?
Who is Phi’s real father?
What part does Aphrodite play?
Who is Simeon?
What is Ophelia/Phi’s destiny?

As the goddess Luna tells Phi,
‘Your life will always be intertwined with the gods my dear—at their peril, not yours.’

A fascinating work from a fresh voice.
I do hope there’s more to come.

A Netgalley ARC

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