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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cynster Family series by Stephanie Laurens

Have been reading this series by Australian author Stephanie Lauren's.  

Her forward on why she writes and advice to aspiring authors is quite interesting.
This comment resonated particularly,  (On a Wicked Dawn, p.20)

'Find your voice--not anyone else's, but yours. Then tell your story, the one you've been given to tell. That's the story you love, the story that moves you. Take the creating one step at a time, but remember: you can only find your voice by writing your book. So write the book--and then rewrite and rewrite, by yourself, until your voice rings clearly. Until your book sings.'

Lauren's Regency Romances are redolent with heavy breathing, sensuality, reformed rakes (masking warriors with the to have and to hold motto) and the odd bit of adventure.
Enjoyable reads, not much thinking required except to keep straight who is related to whom, who married who, and where all other family and non family members fit in. Stories are formulaic, but Hey! still a pleasing if not repetative reading. Certainly don't require the thinking that Peter Carey and Umberto Ecco do.

For detailed information about Cynster Family novels                            

I am working my way down the series from:        
Devil Cynster and Honoria *
Kept thinking of Devil's Cub (with a twist) by Georgette Heyer
99c promo ebook from Amazon via HarperCollins. Great!

Vane Cynster and Patience *
 99c promo ebook from Amazon via HarperCollins. Excellent!


Scandle's  Bride  #3.
Scandal Cynster and Catroina (Lady of the Vale)*
I  really enjoyed this!
99c promo ebook from Amazon via HarperCollins. A fav..!


Demon (Harold) and Felicity  *
I bought this on promo from ibook store but it is on promo at Amazon

A Secret Love #65    Gabriel Cynster and Althea

All About Love #6. Lucifer (Alasdair ) and Phyllida

All About Passion #7  Gyles Rawlings (Earl of Chillingworth) and Francesca I rather liked Gyles

The Promise in a Kiss #8 (1)  
Sebastian (Duke of St Ives) and Helena (in later novels Dowager Duchess)
Where it all began!                                                                 

On a Wild Night #8  Amanda and Martin (Earl of Dexter)

On a Wicked Dawn #9. Amelia Cynster and Lucien Ashford, 6th Viscount Calverton

The Perfect Lover #10. Portia Ashford and Simon Cynster

The Ideal Bride #11    Michael (Hon's brother)  and Caroline

The Truth about Love #12  Gerard (Patience's brother) and Jacqueline

What price love?  #13. Dillon (Felicity's brother) and Priscilla

The Taste of Innocence. #14  Charles Morwellan (Althea's brother) and Sarah Conningham

Temptation and Surrender  #15 Jonas Tallent (Phyllida's twin) and Emily Beauregard an impoverished innkeeper 

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