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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crimson Frost…ok, so I’m officially HOOKED!

I was a few pages into Crimson Frost and realized that as I owned  First Frost
and A Touch of Frost,  it would be smarter to read these first. In pursuit of the Mythos Academy story I jumped online and obtained Kiss of Frost and Dark Frost, and settled in for a two day marathon to bring me up to speed.


I'm glad I did because I just don't think I would have appreciated Gwen 'gypsy girl' and the Crimson Frost episode as much without having the back story. Maybe like me, future fellow readers will also zip online and beg, borrow or buy the previous titles.
Just a long hand way of saying I am really glad I started the life of Gwen from the beginning and that I definitely enjoyed this series!
Crimson Frost maintains the integrity of the previous books where Gwen, the flawed, feisty yet sensitive lead character, chooses her destiny despite the odds. She gains new friends at Mythos Academy, (a school for students from mythological warrior casts including Spartans and Valkyries). 
The students at Mythos are wealthy and indulged for reasons Gwen occasionally comments upon.  Gwen's magical gift is that of psychometry, of touching people and objects and knowing their full story, a mostly harrowing experience. Of course she is at odds with the hierarchy, various groups of fellow students, and is mostly always blamed for problems not of her doing. Gwen and her friends including the lovely Logan brutally clash with the reapers of the god Loki in this age old fight of good against evil. But the unassuming Champion of Nike battles through at great personal cost balanced by friendship and love. The girl without friends wins them the hard way. I enjoy the backchat that happens between her and her sword Vic, her relationships and her commentaries on the staff and students of Mythos. Her more insightful comments on the meaning and use of free will give an added depth to her personality. This series is a marvelous read. Crimson Frost certainly continues the tradition. And yes I cried too!

I have now joined the plethora of fans waiting for Midnight Frost to be released.

A Netgalley ARC

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