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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music of the spheres?

The Guardian Duke by Jamie Carie 

A Forgotten Castles novel. Book 1
Meet a Cinderella type heroine—even if she does own the crumbling castle, minus the wicked sisters etc. The castle comes with ‘ye olde retainers and loyal village inhabitants’. Our heroine, Alexandria Featherstone, is also the owner of disappeared, antiquities seeking parents who have gone off the map as it ‘were.
Add in a music loving bored duke, Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton, appointed Cinders guardian, and the plot becomes intriguing.
Our duke’s sudden loss of hearing is devastating. Music takes a different turn as the story progresses with colors and music having an interesting affinity. I am guessing that this musical relationship will become even more important as the novels develop.
Alexandria undertakes a search for her parents whom the (Mad) King George has declared dead.
Felling that they’re been delayed in their quest, she sets off to find them despite her guardian duke’s command to come to London.
Along the way Alexandria collects protectors.  There’s an English Admiral, a giant Irishman, and a Lord. She also collects foes—two mysteriously dangerous Spaniards and other assorted ne’er do wells.
The story ended somewhat abruptly leaving me hanging for the next volume.  I hate that!
An intriguing storyline a cut above the usual regency romantic mystery … and yes I do want to read that next installment!

A Netgalley ARC

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