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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Halifax horrors…

Tattooed by Pamela Callow
Lawyer Kate Lange is caught in the middle of clients, friends, painful deaths, past and present lovers, and personal tragedy. Kenzie Sloane’s return to community coupled with the release of the criminal, prison tattooist John McNally, ignites the spark to this racy thriller. All, including Kate are tied to the death of Kate’s sister, Imogene,
Kenzie Sloane is caught in the middle of past mistakes, painful family relationships, and a life made new.
A successful iconic tattoo artist, the person of Kenzie is displayed through her artistic endeavors and her own Japanese inspired body art –chronicling her life’s journey—personal and intriguing.
As Kenzie says to her mother, ‘with strength comes tranquility … and with tranquility strength … that was the idea.’ But can a bright future ever be built on dark deeds from the past?
Unknowingly, Kate and Kenzie are drawn together by a myriad of threads when a mummified body is found in a bog near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I was fascinated when Kenzie is being questioned by the police in the she continually smoothes her fingers over her tattoos revealing that these are her mantra, her chi and her guide. They give her strength. Her art is her religion.
Complex relations weave in and out of the past and present as this story carries us inextricably forward.
I read the book straight through constantly wondering how the twist and turns would come to fruition.
A satisfactory read.

A netgalley ARC  

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