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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interwoven Biblical tenets from the muse of Austen!

A Jane Austen Devotional is certainly an unusual and pleasing work. It filters scripture through the eyes of characters and situations throughout Austen novels, and ultimately of course through Jane herself.
In opening scriptural direction and reflection for us via the understandings of Austen, her times and her characters, the publisher Thomas Nelson has combined two of the best of English literary achievements—the Bible and Austen to bring forth a bold and refreshing take on the nature of the Devotional.
I admit there are understandings and links that I would wish to challenge. For me that makes this such an interesting method of inspirational reading. I am able to dialogue with the work, to reflect and challenge my own scriptural explorations and understandings.
And I do this whilst revisiting my favorite Austen novels, characters and situations.
The devotional certainly tweaked my curiosity about Nelson’s other offering in this series, A Charles Dickens Devotional, Dickens being another of my favorite English Literature writers.
A fascinating new look at Scripture and Austen for Austen fans so minded.

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