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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hoo… Rah! Prepare to sacrifice!

DEA Diet, Exercise, Attitude are the author’s 3 basic components of philosophy for weight loss.
And I agree but (…she wails, and pummels the nearest cushion) it’s just SO HARD!!
The author asks, ‘Do you feel overwhelmed?’ Yes, I do and I’m not even out of the preface.
This guide to weight loss certainly presses all the right buttons and uses today terminology touching upon aspects that are being discussed in many venues—from magazines to doctors’ consulting rooms.
We have ,(not in any order), BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate and calorie importance, Glycemic Index facts, Insulin levels and clearing the body of such cravings. Those carbs and sugars are so pernicious!
I particularly went into alert mode at the little gem that it takes 28 days to change your taste buds—is everything cycled to the monthly calendar? But, I take note and take heart. If I can stay away from sugar (in things like wine, chocolate, Haagen-Dazs and various loved fruits) maybe I have a chance. And of course not skipping breakfast—guilty according to the day and the time I wake up.
There are food logs, suggested menus, recipes, support group websites, a Pledge to pin on you fridge, and the slash and burn Exercise program (to exorcise that unwanted flab). Actually, this is where I went, ‘Oh No! Its boot camp with another name—Hoo…Rah!”
I must admit I was dismayed but reconciled up until the exercise program. Then I realized that I have a bad back, need to be careful and cognizant of my age, and find it so...ooo difficult to follow an exercise regime from a page. However, once more I can take heart because there are online video clips I can visit to see how the exercises work.
So at the part where the reader is confronted with being either a Risk Taker or an Excuse Maker, I freely admit that I’m leaning towards the latter.
If you however have the will and aptitude, the DEA, then this guide to loosing weight will appeal and obviously will give results! So 6 weeks and skinny jeans! Who’s up for it?
Me, Mmm! I have to think about this for 6 weeks—so maybe my personal best will be 12 weeks to skinny jeans! Well… Jeans on a skinnier bod!
All interest and no commitment—yet!
A netgalley ARC (available Dec 20, 2012)

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