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Thursday, November 3, 2011

…turbulent and torrid times

Romance and intrigue in a time of King making and wars against the background of Eleanor of Aquitaine's courts and the rules of honor and love--The Courtly Code--made much of by our heroine.

Adding romantic intrigue we have a tall, dark and, much maligned hero fresh from the Crusades albeit tainted with Saracen blood. To match him we have the gorgeous, honorable, ice-maiden heroine. Unfortunately she does becomes somewhat tiring with her proclamations about courtly conduct.

Trapped in the middle of royal intrigue and whim, the machinations of claiming thrones and kingdoms by Henry, Eleanor and Eleanor’s sons, Alienore is never sure which side she should take, which is more honorable.

Of course the pages sizzle with sexual frission as Ailenore and Raven fight their attraction, caught between their particular loyalties and duties and their desire.
They both do their best to repudiate and stamp down this attraction but the fires of desire consume them and ignite the pages in either anger or lust, yet honor must have its way.

Not great literature but The Devil’s Temptress is a good medieval romance set against the turbulent history of the times.
ARC netgalley

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