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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Ho, Automation! By Chris Dolley

The mind boggles perceiving Reeves (Jeeves of Steven Fry fame) as an automation being charged via his belly button--unlike those German automations!
Automation or not, Reeves has lost none of his ‘grey matter’ (as Bertie calls it) due to incarceration in a cupboard in an attic for many years.
Bertie Worcester is still the inane upper British class feather brain he’s always been—only more so if that’s at all possible!

This is an amusing romp that doesn’t tax the reader’s brain cells, although it may at times strain their credulity. The action is scattered throughout with hapless British sayings and amusing anecdotes and strange automations. For instance, at the Drone’s club, when it is declared that this was an emergency because Reggie has aunt trouble and needed to consult “like the Red Sea, when confronted by Moses holding a note from his mother’s sister, the throng parted,”. Such is the understanding of the gentlemen.

I kept visualizing Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie in full flight complete with their voices throughout this misadventure. Events unfold in vivid color with high definition overtones.
If he’s not confronting his ex fiancĂ© and her Pomeranians, giant pigs and other Prometheans, Bertie is cavorting all over the countryside searching for missing debutantes! What Ho indeed! A fine salute to Wodehouse masquerading as steampunk!

An early reviewers ebook from LibraryThing and Book Cafe